When to use silk cable Φ12?

Silk cable Φ12 is one of the most interested cables in the market today. Cable possesses many outstanding advantages, bringing many benefits to users. So the product is applied in which fields? To answer the above question, join us to find out right in this article.

Features of silk cable Φ12

Silk cable is a cable line produced on modern and advanced technology lines. This cable has a diameter of 12mm with good bearing capacity and great strength. 

The product is made from high carbon steel raw materials. So they are quite light in weight, making it convenient for users to move and install.

This silk cable also has another outstanding feature that is plated with an extra layer of zinc. Therefore, they are resistant to rust as well as avoid factors impacted from outside the environment.

When should I use Φ12 silk cable?

It can be seen that this silk cable line possesses many outstanding features. Therefore, there are many people who want to choose them for their work purposes.

Silk cable is commonly used in a number of specific fields below:

Application in construction field:  This cable line plays an important role in fixing pillars and scaffolding. Therefore, the contractors often invest in the construction to create a stable and sure link. Since then, ensuring safety and efficiency for construction activities.

Agricultural applications:  This cable is also commonly used in flower gardens. They are used to make systems of climbing rigs, raising large tarpaulins.

Application in the transport field:  Silk cables are also used by many people in the transport sector to make the transportation, loading and unloading of large tonnage simpler and faster.

In addition, this type of cable is also widely used in ports, marine, aquaculture …

Above are the features and applications of lụa12 silk cable. If you need to use this cable line, please come to us.

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