What are the outstanding features of plated cable D18

On the market today there are many different types of cables. In particular, the d18 plated cable is currently the most popular and used product. So what outstanding features does this cable have? To answer the above question, let’s find out right away in this article.

What is d18 plated cable?

D18 plated cable is a cable line with a total diameter of 18mm. They are manufactured on high-tech lines.

The cables contain high carbon content, they have a high bearing capacity which ensures a wide variety of uses. These cables are coated with zinc coating on the outside, so they are very durable and less affected by factors from outside the environment. Therefore, when choosing to use this type of cable will help save costs.

Galvanized cable is widely used in many fields such as: Used for suspension bridge systems, construction works, cargo cranes, as anchors to lift and lower high-weight products.

Features of d18-plated cable

Bring high efficiency, ensure safety when used

If utilize the plated cable with other cables, this product has a much longer life and durability. Therefore, when using them, they will bring high efficiency, suitable for use in many different environments.

In addition, using cables also ensures safety for everyone, avoiding unfortunate to.

High aesthetics

This is also one of the outstanding features of this cable. Therefore, they are often used in the field of decoration, interior construction.

Galvanized cables are made up of core layers. The surface of the product is covered by a glossy layer of oil, so it has high aesthetics and is popular with many customers.

With this feature, the plated cable is always dry, clean and different from other cables such as other greased cables. Because the cables are galvanized, they are also able to adapt to a variety of environmental conditions.

Cost savings

If you choose plated cable also helps to save costs as much as possible. Because the cable is less damaged, there is no need for regular maintenance.

The d18 plated cable has many outstanding features. Therefore, they are more and more popular to choose to use.

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