Why is used silk cable D16 very much?

Silk cable d16 is one of the cable lines that many people choose to use the most in recent times. So what outstanding advantages does this device have? Why are so many people appreciated? To answer the above question, join us to find out right in this article.

Silk cable d16 has good bearing capacity

The first reason users appreciate and decide to use it is that they have high bearing capacity. Because this cable has a durable structure, made up of 6 strands, each strand will consist of 19 to 26 small strands of uniform diameter.

The cables are usually made of single bearing carbon steel linked together. Therefore, this product is always appreciated for its bearing capacity.

The cable is lightweight

Currently, there are many different types of cables on the market. However, silk cables with a diameter of 16mm are still trusted by many to use them the most.

In addition to their bearing capacity they are also very light in weight. With this feature, it will bring a lot of advantages and benefits to users.

When choosing cables to serve the purpose of work, users will be convenient in moving, installing and disassembling. In particular, since the cable is lightweight, it should not put pressure on the load on the building or the goods you use the cable for.

Silk cable d16 is suitable for use in many different environments

Another reason why these cables are used so much is that they can be adapted to all environments. There are many different types of silk cable on the market today such as: Plastic coated silk cable, galvanized silk cable … 

These are all products for good corrosion resistance. The cable can be used in any environment without any abrasion affecting the quality of the cable core inside.

Cable d16 has the right price

The right price is also a reason for people to decide to use more of this cable. As can be seen, the d16 cable possesses many outstanding advantages, but they are sold at competitive prices. The price is suitable for many consumers.

The above are the reasons why d16 silk cable is so trusted by many people. If you are also in need of using the product please contact us immediately. Le Ha Vina always commits to providing the best products and services to all customers.

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