Learn about stainless steel silk cable 304 Φ10

Stainless steel cable 304 Φ10 is currently a favorite product to use by many customers. Because they possess a lot of outstanding advantages as well as ensure that they meet the strict criteria that users give. If you are looking to learn more about this product, do not ignore the information in the article below.

What is 304 stainless steel silk cable Φ10?

304 Φ10 stainless steel cable is one of the 304 stainless steel luong cables with a diameter of 10mm. They have a very simple structure, just by combining many 304 stainless steel benefits to create the cables. Then, the strands form together to create a complete cable. Thanks to this structure, it makes many advantages for this product.

The feature of this cable is that it is equipped with an anti-rust coating for the environment. From there, making 304 stainless steel cable can be used in chemical industries with high corrosion but does not affect the quality of the cable.

Outstanding advantages of stainless steel 304 Φ10 cable

304 Φ10 stainless steel cable is a medium diameter cable. Currently, this cable has been chosen by many people because they possess many outstanding advantages such as:

The corrosion resistance of this cable is always appreciated. Because the male cable is made of 304 stainless steel material, it is also surrounded and protected by an outer shell. Therefore, they can be used in many different environmental conditions without being worn or rusted.

Another advantage of this cable is its bearing capacity. They can bear force equivalent to endurance level 6.8. In some specific cases, this type of cable can bear a very high force, ensuring no breakage during use.

The aesthetics is also one of the advantages that this cable owns. With a shiny surface, always like new, this cable line is always rated number 1 in terms of aesthetics. Therefore, in addition to its application in construction projects, this cable is also used in interior and exterior decoration.

Hopefully, with the above information has helped you better understand 304 stainless steel silk cable cable10 from which to choose to use for your work purpose. If you still have any questions that need assistance, please contact us immediately.

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