Find out the characteristics and applications of silk cable ϕ8

Silk cable  ϕ8  is a cable specially designed for wide application in many different fields. Most of customers who choose this product feel satisfied when choosing this product. So what are the features and application of the cable?

Features of silk cable ϕ8

Like other silk cables that are on the market, Phi 8 cable has some outstanding features such as: 

Cable is made of carbon steel quality so it is durable. Cable is less damaged, abrasive during use.

In addition, since it is made of this material, the cable is also very light weight. Therefore, they help users to easily move as well as install and use to increase efficiency in work.

High aesthetics is also one of the outstanding advantages of this cable.

The cable can be used in many different environments such as solvents, chemicals without rusting. 

Application of silk cable ϕ8

This silk cable is produced on modern technology lines, so it has very good bearing capacity. With great strength and high tensile strength, they are used in many different fields such as:

Silk cable is widely used in construction works. They play an important role in anchoring, bracing pillars or scaffolding. Using this cable not only makes the job simpler, but also ensures absolute safety for workers.

Another common application of this type of cable is used in the transport of large tonnage. The cable is used for anchoring at the berths. The working efficiency will be 3-4 times higher if using this cable.

In addition, at the theater art works often use this type of cable to serve the needs of the work.

Silk cable is also widely used in the agricultural sector. They are often used for climbing truss systems, flower gardens or to spread tarpaulins to help plants grow and develop best.

As can be seen, non-silk cable 8 possesses many outstanding features. Therefore, they are applied in many different fields. If you are also in need of using this cable for your work purposes, please contact us immediately. Le Ha Vina provides genuine cables that you can trust with confidence.

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